Wednesday, July 27, 2011



so this started about 2wks ago...  q said, 'mom, every time you see a yellow car, yell banana!'.  i was like ok, sure whatever.  well it was hilarious & i found that it has really helped hopp with finding yellow items.  the same day we started playing we stopped by dollar tree to look for something, can't remember what it was, & as soon as we started walking towards the store hopp yells, 'ANANA momma, ANANA!!'.  i looked over & there was a guy in a bright yellow shirt!  i was so proud of her!  up until now, hopp has not been too good with color recognition so this was one of the proud moments.

as you know yellow is not a very prominent car color but there are quite a few yellow ones out there so this is a perfect-not-too redundant yelling of something in the car while driving around.  for awhile it was, to-each-his-own on who got how many points but now we pair up.  it has been me & q and hopp & jess are paired together, only because q is behind me & hopp is behind jess.  :)  so as we have been playing for a little bit i thought i would mix it up just a little.  so i suggested any orange car to yell out 'MANGO'.  it seems there are more yellow than orange cars & q was not too impressed monday night when we couldn't find anything orange.  the neighbor has an orange car so i got the first mango!  :) 

do any of you play eye spy type games in the car?

on a totally separate note, it's wipw & i have nothing to show.  i still have that stupid potholder i can't figure out!  it's pissing me off because one side down is wavy & the other side up is perfect!  i will figure something out with it but it's really irritating to not be able to finish one of the patterns.  :(  if you want to check out other wipw stuff head on over to tami's amis & see what everyone else is working on.  :)


Claudia said...

Cute game; but why not yellow out Orange?

I told you potholders should be forgotten . ... :)

stephanni :] said...

it started with my MIL. they made it up so i just went with mango since banana was the yellow. :)

i'm still doing potholders just not for sure what to do with that stupid one. :)

Kathleen said...

Ugh, I'm sorry that the potholder is half-wavy and half perfect. :| I've definitely had that sort of mishap with things in the round like that. I hope you can fix it without it getting too irritating.

Also, the banana-and-mango game sounds like fun. :D