Wednesday, July 20, 2011

just a quick note about yesterday...

i want to record, for myself, all the little things i can remember so i can look back when i need a good moment.  i had one yesterday.  :)

tuesday nights are cnc (chat 'n craft) nights that i get together with my crafty friends & one not-so-crafty friend (& it's ok to not be crafty, it's the company i enjoy) & we sit, drink coffee & crochet/knit & try to get some work done on whatever we are doing that week.  well i took jess with me last night & even though it's a kid/hubby free evening with my girls, i still brought her because she doesn't do anything but play on my phone & text her bf & when they get there she can go to another table so it's all good, i still have girl time & jess can get out of the house. well, no one showed, cristal was sick :(, claudia had errands to do, crystal forgot & candi is still out of town.  so jess & i sat there until 8:35ish & then we left & hit the grocery store where i spent more than i wanted to but i have to remember i didn't go for 2wks!  so i guess it's ok.  anywho, i really enjoyed my time with jess, we talked about all sorts of things but mainly it was her talking about her bf.  awwww, young love.  :)

now  today, the little hussy, is out gallivanting around with one of my friends have a blast!  remember when we were in high school & we had the WHOLE summer off to do nothing at all?!?!?  boy we took those days for granted didn't we?  even if you are a sahm & you don't work you still ARE WORKING so you really don't get those days back right?  well i guess you would if your kids move out & you still don't work.  :)

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