Friday, July 15, 2011

stuff i watch on tv

luckily me, my hubby works for a satellite company as tech support, not so lucky for him because he hates being griped at all day because someone else's stupidity causes them to be rude to him.  a big majority of his calls are people that can barely turn on their tvs & because they can barely do that, they can't work their sat. box either.  :(  so remember the next time you call in for your satellite service the caller will be very appreciative if you are nice to them.  it's not their fault when the REAL PROBLEM is the satellite/cable service, they just are trying to help you get it going again.  :)  so anywho on that note, we get every channel you can think of!  we still have to pay for pay-per-view stuff but we get the nfl sunday ticket & any major sports ticket type thing for FREE!!!!  so the benefit out ways the shitty people anyday! 

ok, so this is what we have been watching on tv.  we watch most of our stuff on hbo, food network, A&E, history, discovery, mtv & some of the network channels. i'm sure there are other channels but i can't think of them right off hand.  i will remember more shows/movies as well & as i remember them i will talk about them.

first off, True Blood!  i'm a horror fan, i don't care how cheesy or gory it is i LOVE horror movies.  hubby does too & even my q watches them with us!  now we don't watch the nude ones with her, we mainly watch old school stuff with her.  so saying that true blood is out of the question, we don't even let jess watch with us when she is home, just not age appropriate.  i love true blood, vampires are so cool.  i think i would like to be one if they were real.  they are up all night & have that oh-so-cool swagger about them!  if you don't watch TB i highly suggest you vod, netflix or borrow the dvd series.  a friend of mine calls them hillbilly vampires but that's because i make fun of her twilight jacob fantasies.  ;)

next, the season is over but should be coming back sometime next spring, i can't wait, Game of Thrones, another hbo series.  hbo truely puts out GREAT shows!  i miss OZ, Six Feet Under & The Sopranos!  GOT is about medieval times, i'm not a fan of this time period really, but geez it got me from the first 10 minutes!  not many shows, that i'm not a fan of the genre, do.  but wow!  great storyline & you will not believe how the story ends at the last couple of episodes, truly shocking!  so go out & do the same with this one so we can chat about it next season.  :)

ok, i'll admit it, i'm a true reality show whore!  not just like the bachelor stuff like that, i like the super trashy stuff like Jersey Shore, coming back on soon, can't wait to watch!  i loved all the VH1 & MTV love shows with flava flav, bret michaels, new york & even frank's from the i love new york first season.  :)  i say they make me feel better about myself as a person.  these girls, even if they are coerced with alcohol & acting, are hilarious!  it's mindless entertainment i tell ya!  so now we are watching The Challenge on MTV where the old road rulers and current & old casts of real world team up & compete for money.  this year is super interesting because they have rivals teamed together in teams of 2 to see if they can put their bitter pasts aside & work together to win the ultimate goal of $50,000 or whatever it is.

there are so many other things on our dvr & as i watch them i will talk about them but this is what i can remember off-hand about what we are watching.

now for the movies i can remember

Prom Night in Mississippi is a documentary.  absolutely astonishing that people are STILL segregating themselves & their communities.  this is a story about a mississippi school that up until 2009, i believe, have separate proms.  it's a MUST SEE!

i've also talked about on fb & am before the Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.  jaw dropping & entertaining!  you just have to watch, you will not believe the things they do & stuff they get away with.  you so want them to better themselves & root for them but sometimes things never change!  this is another MUST SEE!

i also just got through watching Cinema Verite, it's about the first reality tv family.  it's a little slow but it's still a good one to watch.  it's sad how the producer/director changes the views & the things he says about them when the show actually airs.

tonight we are going to watch Rango & Lincoln Lawyer so i will let you guys know what i think about them.  :)

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Claudia said...

I wanna watch Lincoln Lawyer; screw Rango. I think it's on DISH pay per view thing ... I'll have to look into it.