Friday, July 8, 2011

fo friday!

ok as promised, here are my finished projects.  :)  btw, fo stands for 'finished objects' in the yarn communities.  this is my first link to another blog called tami's amis, here's to hoping i do it right.  :)

again lighting is bad but this is jason's granny for his chair.  for some reason, his chair is cracking on the pleather so i made him this granny in, what else but, cowboy colors!  :)  it is done in navy/white/grey  turned out pretty good, i wanted it in a rectangular shape but didn't add enough to the top/bottom sides to make it turn out more rectangular than square.  i have the pattern if anyone is interested.  :)

this is callie's finished blanket, as you may recall, callie is almost 2 & had a brain tumor.  the last i heard she was doing great but had to have another surgery the other day.  i haven't heard anything lately so i'm hoping & guessing it went great again.  i hope the bright colors bring her lots of comfort, i know they made me more cheerful.  i love all the pretty bright rainbow stuff right now.  :)

happy fo friday to all!  :)


Claudia said...

Cool stuff!

Keep it up!

Sandy said...

Cali's ghan is adorable, pretty colors and nice stitch selection too. Hope she does well with the surgery.

stephanni :] said...

thx sandy & welcome to my blog. :)

thx claudia, is rob going to be jealous of ij's granny? do i need to make him one? ;P