Monday, July 25, 2011

foot follow-up today

ok, so it looks as if today was the last day for any shots!!!  :)  i got one last cortisone shot, which for the record was painful but not as painful as the first one!  so with that out of the way i'm done with my pf/bone spurs other than the therapy which i haven't done too much of other than wearing my foot splint nightly, which i've done great on & have only missed 2 nights because i was so tired i forgot & when i woke up in the middle of the night & remembered i was too sleepy to get up & put it on!  this is a record people, i have never really been one to keep up with something like this for so long.  i do have to say that the night splints, although super UNSEXY, has really helped my foot tremendously.  he did get on to me because i need to start wearing arch support, i saw some at payless for 4.99 which i'm going to try out.  maybe i won't have to buy the $50 ones.  :) so anywho, that's all!  it could be worse but thankfully it's not!  :)  maybe one day i will remember to take a pic of the oh-so-sexy night splint & post.


Claudia said...

Glad to hear your foot is better. What about the other foot?

stephanni :] said...

he said the other foot should be ok but if it starts acting up to use the night splint and then do the same therapy. he said the arch supports should keep it good. my foot hurts really bad from the shot tonight :(