Monday, July 18, 2011

movies from this weekend

on friday we watched 2 movies, Rango & Lincoln Lawyer...

i didn't really care for Rango.  it was ok, but very predictable.  i just don't have much to say about it, other than the very first of the movie is funny when he is sitting with his 'girlfriend'.  it's probably worth renting from redbox since it's only $1 but i would say wait till it comes on one of the movie channels if you get them.

then we watched Lincoln Lawyer.  much better.  it was a very good movie but it was again, predictable.  there was a little twist but overall was a great movie.  A MUST SEE!!!

then on saturday we watched Let Me In.  if you like vampire movies it was pretty good.  again predictable.    i did like Let Me In though.  it was a different take on your typical vampire movie.  they had a foreign version (Let The Right One In) that i saw a preview to a few years back & i wanted to watch it but never got around to it & then they came out with an american version.  jason saw the foreign version so i asked him if it was the same & he said yes, so i guess they didn't put too much of a different twist on the two.  now i want to really see the foreign version just to see if it was different all.  this is another must see.
the first trailer is the american version & the second one, of course is the foreign version (it is in a different language) 

what's up with all the predictable movies?  i want something to really surprise me.  i'm usually the one that surprised at the end & jason has already figured it out in the first 10-20 minutes.  with these 3 you figure the whole thing out.  GIVE ME SOMETHING I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT!  :)

well, that's my weekend wrap of movies, hope everyone had a great weekend!

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