Monday, July 25, 2011

what i watched this weekend

movies/documentaries we watched this weekend...

we watched Monica and David, it's a documentary of two downs syndrome adults that get married.  now, not every downs couple could do this because some are not at the mental capacity of these two or the family support either.  sometimes i feel for them because the mom is a little overprotective of monica that they don't get much freedom.  i think, that if they have the money i think they do, they should hire a part time person that can take them places & do things with them.  this story is so sweet & they are so cute together.  this is definitely a MUST SEE!!!  it was weird, one day i came home for lunch & this just happened to be on during the middle of it & the only 2-5 minutes that i watched of it, i knew i had to watch it so i recorded it & finally got to watch it.

i'm really like documentaries as you can see, this is the second one i watched on saturday.  jess & curtis, the new bf, watched this one with me as jason had already watched it & i happened to catch the last little bit with him.  it was so heartbreaking i knew i needed to watch it from the beginning.  it's call Man vs Ford, it's about the dumpings in this town that ford did back in the 60s & 70s that caused all the kids/adults & future kids in that town to have major medical issues.  i can't say much more because i don't want to give anything away but i just want to say ford should be ashamed of themselves & i don't think i will EVER buy a vehicle from them EVER!!!  this is another MUST SEE!  so check your dvr schedules & add them if you haven't seen them already. i think hbo is showing both of them.

omg, now that i just went & looked at the mvf, not to be mistaken with man v. food, trailer i'm outraged!

we also watched our usual tb on sunday & then we watched Entourage.  this is a great show but it's the final series so unless you have invested time in the show i wouldn't watch it unless you watch from season 1 (on dvd) & then you should watch it.  :)  it really is a great show & i'm going to miss watching the gang, it was a little dark last season with vince going into a downward drug spiral but i think this season is going to be lighter & funnier.  can't wait till sunday to watch the next show.

the sandwich king, jeff

we also watched next food network star & i'm guessing Vic Vegas, "mama's boy", is going to win it this year or maybe jeff the "sandwich king" guy.

vic vegas


Claudia said...

Interesting ... you never struck me as a documentary type. :)

stephanni :] said...

i know, me neither. it has to really catch my attention in the few minutes i catch it or i'm off it. :)