Friday, July 29, 2011

what we watched last night

 our night started off with dinner (sausage/baked beans/corn on the cob & homemade gf bread) & some mtv's the challenge: rivals.  let me just say CT is a BEAST!!!  i'm really liking the show & i think the top contenders in this game are for the boys: CT & Adam and Kenny & Wes and then you have the newbie team of Leroy & Mike.  i think they will make it to the final challenge but i really think CT & Adam will take the win for the boys.  for the girls: i'm thinking Caramaria & Laurel and Paula & Evelyn are looking good.

then we watched insidious, the movie.  it was pretty good, it's a scary movie & it scared me in parts.  nothing like a good old fashioned, jump out at you, type of movie.  i did figure out a part of it but i was ok, with it because they did a pretty good job of the storyline.  however, i didn't like the ending, i don't like being left hanging.  i guess it's just a way to make a sequel.  i would say if you like scary movies then you need to see this.  :)

what do you have to say about hoarders?  it's a great show.  so sad these people live like this but luckily they are getting help with aftercare & seems as if a lot of the people carry on with the organizing that they are showed during the clean-up process.  if you haven't ever watched this show you must start watching, unless you are a neat freak & then you might end up with a nervous breakdown.  ;)

we also watch big brother.  i can hardly watch it & the only reason we watch is because we watch the better version of big brother...  big brother after dark on showtime.  i'm sorry but i really, really, really want to HURT rachel.  she is annoying as fuck & why is it when she is in the confession room or whatever they call it, she is YELLING?!?!?!?!!!!!  i don't get it.  she is the ONLY one that yells while taping her confessions.  oh and the drama she has going on.  the fake crying is super annoying too.  someone needs to just GROW UP!!!  she isn't even pretty, not that she would still be allowed to but at least if she was cute it could be a little tiny bit more tolerable!  ok, i will quit talking about her.  the show is ok, i do a lot of crocheting during the show & don't really look up too much so i have to get my updates from the man.  :)

the shirt explains it all!!!

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crystal said...

since i'm finally able to leave comments again...

i've recently started watching hoardres. i've seen a few episodes here and there but i've watched 3 or 4 in the past couple of days. i could not imagine living like that. i don't understand why their family members (the ones who live with the hoarders) enable them. if my mom ever tried hoarding i would have either moved out or thrown all that shit away! i don't get it.