Friday, July 8, 2011

the long 4th of july weekend

i'm not going to make big long paragraphs i will just add a caption to tell you what we did.  :o)

ahhhh... the joys of summer!  delinquents & car egging go hand-in-hand.  i never did this, what a waste of eggs!  at least i can say it wasn't a broken window like someone did to the baby car!  i did go tp'in once but i'm such a scaredy cat i didn't do too much damage, i thought we were going to get caught, i think we only had 1 or 2 rolls of paper.  :]

at nana's house ready to head to the 'nichols reunion' we all get together & hang out at harvey's on the forth.  (jason's family) we even have family from the metroplex come that's why we call it the 'reunion'

out at harvey's, they loved the swing!  we should have put shorts on under the dresses!  ;)  unfortunately harvey is selling his place so we probably won't be going back to hawley next year.  :(  if you are looking for a country place with some acreage let me know.  it's so pretty out there & lots of room for kiddos & they have a little pond out there.  it's dry right now but it's so pretty when there's water in it.

death of a pinwheel :(

poor pinwheel.  the only real damage left from the roofers.  we have a purple one now.  :)  i love it!  it's SPARKLY!!!

my camera on my phone is the only one i have right now & it makes great daylight pics & if they aren't zoomed in too much.  well these were taken with the fireworks setting & we were just too far away.  these were the best i had.  i still like them though.  i love some fireworks too especially the ones that sparkle!  can you tell i like sparkly stuff?  :)

just another set of the fireworks

on tuesday we went to the park with crystal & her two girls, forgot phone in car so this is pre-park time.  we headed to the bank & q cashed in her coins & put them in her account.  she had almost $25 just in change!!!!  this girl is bankin'!  she was so proud of that piggy bank being so full & HEAVY!  i told her we were going to put it in the bank & she was upset!  she said she wanted to keep it & i told her she was going to make even more money with it in the bank & that she can get it back at anytime she wanted.  yesterday we were on our way home for lunch & she asked if we could go get her money.  ummmm, no we are leaving it in the bank!  :)

hopp doesn't have much change yet so we didn't add hers to her account yet.  she is just starting to like the concept of 'monies' & when i give her a penny or dime she just beams, kinda like how she is doing here.  omg, she is the funniest child i have!  don't get me wrong all my kiddos have a great & funny personality but this one is a NUT!!!  you should see all the funny faces she makes, especially when she is trying to be serious & tell you something or when she is red hot mad & pissed off!  omg the booty dance alone is funny as hell!  as soon as i can figure out what is going on with my video on my phone i will post a booty dance video.  :)

so that was my 4th of july weekend in a nutshell!  i have some finished projects to show you guys but i will do that in another post hopefully later today. :)


Claudia said...

Sucks you got egged. I never did any of those kinds of pranks as a kid.

Sounds like a lovely weekend.

stephanni :] said...

luckily i got it off with no paint damage! i had to do some elbow work & use the jet sprayer at the car wash, then i ran it through the car wash machine to finish the rest of the car. :)