Tuesday, July 12, 2011

barbie hair & a fundraiser

so when i was little i had SUPER straight hair.  i'm talking straight as a board hair!  i hated it, it tangled so badly & would cry EVERYTIME my mom would brush my hair!  well i had a friend named hayley & she had SUPER curly hair!  ohhhhh i dreamed of having curly hair, i wanted hair just like hayley's beautiful curls & apparently she wanted my straight hair.  :)  it reminds me of my lil q, she has super curly hair & wants 'barbie' hair all the time!  she asks me all the time, i have only straightened her hair one time!  it was so pretty & long but she looked so mature!  it was weird, she looked so different.  so last night as i was giving her a shower she asked about 'barbie' hair.  i thought about it & sure why not, i have time right?  it's one of those things she will always remember, just like i remember my mom braiding my hair for me or my nana putting my hair in sponge rollers.  :)  so just because, i straightened her hair last night.  :)

well when she woke up, i guess she got sweaty in the middle of the night & the underside & parts of the top were curly again.  i only blow-dried her hair & touched it up with a straightener on low temp last night.  so i touched it up & put a little clip on the top to keep it out of her eyes this morning.  she is so proud of her 'barbie' hair but i miss the curly headed girl, luckily when i wash it, it will curl right back up.  :)

i think she was watching hopp to make sure she didn't get in the shot!  just q & the barbie hair allowed :)
a real supermodel pose!

i think i got her about to blink & she was going to say something.

miss thang

the night before.  look how long it is curls-free.  :)

now, i'm thinking of starting a new blog just for my fundraiser.  i don't have exact dates yet but it's usually the 3rd tuesday or thursday of october, it's going to be for the annual bunco for breast cancer for the vera west women's center here in abilene.  i love playing but i don't get to play every year.  so this year i'm going to put up my wares & do special orders for my ticket & maybe even pay for some lucky player's seats.  :)  if it goes better than i expect i'm going to pay for grand prize tickets.  i'm even going to put all the buyers in a 'hat' & draw a name & if they win they can have $25 worth of anything they want from me.  more info to come & will post a link to my fundraiser blog.  :)

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