Thursday, July 7, 2011

q's update on her gastro visit

we went to go see her dr today, well actually we saw the nurse, the dr is out with some procedure so we got the really nice nurse practitioner.  she was very informative & said that he wants to do a scope to see the damage of the celiac's on her system.  q was recently diagnosed with celiac's as well.  i still don't know too much but i'm guessing i will know more when we have the scope done.  the procedure is scheduled for aug 18th.  they will put her to sleep so it's not traumatic.  she has been really cute today & pretty good overall.  i have her at work with me until lunch & then she will stay with daddy the rest of the day. 
showing off her mcd toy
posin' with the mcd toy

she had craft time with maria, i have this sitting on my credenza across from my desk :)

look how long her hair is getting!  i thought it would never grow & finally it's to the middle of her back.  when it's wet it's all the way to her booty.

i'm in a better mood today so that's a good thing.  :)  well, that's about it for today's update.  when i get some more time i'm going to post about my 4 day weekend; finished projects, getting egged, nichols reunion, fireworks, a sad pinwheel death & some general q/hopp cuteness


Claudia said...

Sorry she's got to have more stuff done. :(

But glad that she's takin' it all in stride. And I want craft time with Maria! OH, hell, who am I kidding? I don't do crafts!

stephanni :] said...

maria would looooove to have craft time with you. but... it usually involves lots & lots & lots of glitter!!! i don't think you can handle that though. ;P

you could make these mescan flowers like q is holding. :D that's what they remind me of is hispanic festivals. i love them! maybe i will have maria help me with a tutorial on how to make them. :)