Wednesday, July 6, 2011

gf bread & a foul mood

ugh, today i have been in such a foul mood.  i think it is because i had 4 days off & i had to come back to work today.  i really enjoyed my time off with the girls.  i got to go to the park with crystal & her girls & then we had lunch together.  it was so nice just letting the girls play at the park, even though it was hell hot outside it was still nice to get out & sweat.  :)  i've got to start playing the lottery so i can win & stay at home & be with my kiddos!  so many people take for granted they GET to stay home with their babies! i wish i could do it all the time. 

ok, enough of the pity party!  i have a review of some gf bread i bought the other day.  i bought the Udi's bread.  it was delish!  i was surprised at how good it was.  i bought their bagels the other day & they are really good but were almost like bread not a chewy bagel but i'm NOT complaining at all!  they are both a little pricey for how much you get but really as long as it tastes good i will pay the price.  i've got to take more initiative in baking my own stuff so i can save a little bit on buying the pre-made stuff.  for right now, i'm satisfied.  :)

this was a FREE review, i don't get compensated for any of Udi's products but they are more that welcome to send anything else they would like me to try!  :)


Claudia said...

Glad you found a bread you like! Sorry you're in such a foul mood; maybe it's goin' around ... or maybe it's just you and me! :)

Keep your chin up! Better days are around the bend!

stephanni :] said...

having a better day today, i really think i was pms'in :) i hope yours gets better soon.