Thursday, July 28, 2011

an experiment starting next week means i need to do some cleaning!

seriously i wish i had a maid, wish i could afford a maid is more like it!  i really hate cleaning & even though i have jess to do some of the cleaning as chores, kitchen & trash is the basics, i want someone to come clean my bathrooms & wash my base boards & shit like that!  you know stuff no one wants to do but needs to be done but is actually neglected at my house!  :(

anywho... we are going to try letting q stay at home with jason during the week.  he only works m-w during the week & can talk to her during calls & she can watch tv & color & do whatever else she normally does but she will just have to learn not to talk to him until he is between calls.  i think i can keep her busy enough with crafts, computer & coloring that she will be able to control her talking.  plus jess will be there every afternoon & ams to help with her tuesdays.  i just hope when they are together that they can behave & not argue!  i swear you would think that siblings that are 11yrs apart wouldn't fight like crazy but they feed off each other.  i guess it's the whole sibling part.  don't get me wrong, jess is absolutely fabulous with other kids & she watches a friend's kids & they love her to death & can't wait to see her.  so if any of you need a sitter jess is great & she is certified in cpr because she is a certified lifeguard.  :)  if i could just find her a lifeguard job at the y that would be awesome.  apparently the gentleman that hires the lifeguards for the y & the city pools is extremely hard to get ahold of.  persistence is the key though. 

ok so back to the subject at hand...  we need to clean out jason's office so i can get q's 'office' in order.  she is so excited about this!  she can't hardly wait until monday gets here!  i told her we would set up the computer & go to the library & pick out some learning computer games, i'm hoping they have stuff like that because we will not be hooking up her computer to internet!  i also told her that we would have her very own colors, scissors, glue & other assorted crafts that ONLY she can play with!  hopp can't touch any of it.  she is even more excited about her very own crafts that hopp can't touch.  :)  so i cleared out my yarn of the yaffa blocks yesterday & put them in a box, i'm probably getting our daycare lady's rolling carts that are see through to put my yarn in & organize it.  i think it's 2 carts with 3 drawers, i really wanted to have wall mounted shelving but this will work till i find what i really want, walmart use to carry them but now they have them online somewhere else but i'm not willing, yet anyways, to pay what they want.  we shall see.  i still have this huge mdf board that i could make shelves out of but i don't have anyone that could cut it up for me.  we have a saw but the battery charger doesn't work anymore.  :(  sorry off on a different note...  it's still a mess though but i plan to have it cleared by thursday evening so that we can sort all the junk/trash out & get her 'office' up & running by monday.  :) 

i found me a mini-desk/coffee table type thing that's perfect for her.  i will post before/after pics of the cleaning process & the refinishing of the q desk.  we have to sand & paint it so i need to have it done on saturday so it has time to dry.  i really, really want it to rain so if i have to wait to paint i'm cool with that.  :) 


Claudia said...

I hope it all goes well for Q (and the rest of you!)

pinkundine said...

Good luck :)

You asked on my blog where I found the swap I'm doing - I joined a bunch of swap groups on ravelry (even when I'd missed the most recent deadline) and just keep an eye on them - the magic ball was from the "A swap in time" group, which has various ones throughout the year :)

stephanni :] said...

thanks ladies. :)