Wednesday, July 20, 2011

it's wipw!!!

another addition of wipw....

so i have been working on my wall of potholders & i have 2 made already {saving these for fof } & one that i'm still working on not shown because i'm not for sure if i want to stop because the pattern i'm using is a good one but where i'm at now, it's something else, so i need to decide if i want to stop or keep going.  :)

these are my show-n-tell items for this wipw, i started the Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin & i'm stuck on the edging part where you make it in a contrasting color & it makes it look like a flower.  i'm only making one-sided potholders because they are for decoration & not for actual use so this one isn't even cotton thread.  it's that icky-scratchy red heart junk.  so have any of you wipw peeps done this particular pattern or the gehaekelte topflappen pattern?  geez, how do you even pronounce that?  ;)  i did it in a green camo & going to outline it, if i figure it out, in a light white/tan tweed looking yarn.  these were both given to me by my friend marti & they are missing the sleeve so i'm not for sure what brand or colorway this second yarn is.  it's really soft though.  :)

i'm stuck HELP!!!
my second wipw is one, that had i started first, would be a fof product as i think i could have finished it last night.  this is the African Flower Mandala Pot Holder by one of my fave blog crochet with raymond.  i can't wait to finish it but i think i may be stuck again on the next round as i have to define the petals on this one.  i may have to youtube an african flower tutorial.  i'm sure someone has one on youtube, everything is on youtube.  :)  i can even watch youtube on my tv which is super awesome! 
hoping i can figure out the next round.

so these 2 are blah colors due to my hubby doesn't like all the cutesy bright colors but i'm putting my foot down!  more pretty colors after these 2.  ;)  both of these patterns are freebies on ravelry.  :)



pinkundine said...

They're looking good :) I'm no help (not a crocheter) but I'm sure youtube or ravelry will have the answer!

Kathleen said...

I wish I could help, but I've never done anything with that kind of outlining either. I may have to start one myself and see if I can make sense of the directions, because I really like both of those patterns!

Tami Klockau said...

Don't you love quick projects like pot holders?! I love making dishcloths for that very reason. I'd youtube it. As you said, everything is there!