Tuesday, July 19, 2011

stuff i watch on tv

last night we watched some of our shows off the dvr & this is what we watched last night...

i wonder if he knows he's on fire??
Rescue Me, this is the last season ever!  so unless you have watched before i wouldn't start watching.  i haven't been too impressed with the last season or two, the first 2-3 seasons were awesome but now unless they really surprise me with the next couple of episodes, i'm bored with you!  but i still watch cause jason still likes it.  :)
masterchef, the guy on the left is a dick, the guy on the right needs bigger shirts!  just sayin' if you are a big person, i'm one too,  i don't care to see your heart beat through your shirt.  :]
next we watched MasterChef, i loooooove all things gordon ramsey!  he is pretty tame in this show, the real dick chef is the bald guy, i-don't-know-your-name-&-don't-care-who-you-are chef.  :)  he did get on this one guy's (christian) ass last night for he was being an ass & disrespectful to the other contestants.  christian thinks he's this bad ass chef & has this nasty ego about him.  i like when people are confident but not jackass arrogant!  anywho, it was funny.  :)  there are still 10 contestants left on the show so you can still catch on if you want to watch. 

"you DONKEY!!!"  ;)
 we then watched Hell's Kitchen, this is where the foul-mouthed gordon ramsey is at his best!  i love this show!  it just started last night & we have watched every season!  last night was the first night they went & visited the previous winner, probably because she stayed in la to work in his restaurant there.  you should watch if you aren't watching now.

 we then started watching Camelot, starz came out with this which is about, you guessed it, king arthur.  i'm not too impressed yet.  GOT was so much better in the first 10 minutes than this was in the first 2hr episode.  i'm hoping the rest of the season is better! 

see i told you i was a tv junkie, i love it!  nothin' better than a good couple of shows & some crochet to make my night complete.  :)  i love my dvr, on regular network shows it only takes 35-45 minutes to watch an entire episode!

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Claudia said...

Dang! You watch a lot of TV. I still have the second half of this past season's Fringe and The Kennedys miniseries on my DVR. I'll watch them soon though. I keep up OK with Glee and now I watch Wilfred, but that's aout it for me.