Wednesday, July 13, 2011

upcoming projects

i'm so excited, i saw a post from crochet with raymond about a wall of potholders.

wall of potholders inspiration
   i was intrigued so i was looking at some ideas & i'm in love!  i can't wait to start on my potholder project.  i plan on at least making 10 different kinds in various colors.  here are some of the designs i plan on making.  these are all new to me so this is another 2011 resolution.  :)

fanciful flower potholder i think this is my fave :)

grandala square, not really a potholder but can easily be turned into one :)

ripple rose potholder

starburst potholder

all of these can be found on ravelry, & FREE.  :)  this is just a sample of what i want to do.  as i get them done i will post them.  :)

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