Monday, July 11, 2011

weekend wrap-up & some more yearly goals

this weekend was very uneventful which this is what i like!  i like no-fuss weekends where we can just hang out at the house & whatever happens, happens.  :)

on saturday i started some more laundry, tired of all the laundry piling up, clean & unclean.  i'm terrible, i will admit, about getting all the washing & drying done but our clothes, all clean & stuff, will sit in the baskets until we use them!  i know it's terrible but i can't help it.  :(  so this weekend, started this on friday evening, i grabbed all the clothes that were clean & started hanging them up.  omg, i swear my kids have more clothes than they need!  i can't wait to clean out closets & get stuff ready for dittos, it's a hassle but it frees up hangers, which i ran out of so we still have clean clothes in baskets.  :(  but hey, at least all the hangers are being used.  :)  so anywho, i got some more laundry started & texted claudia to see if she wanted to meet me & the girls at the mall playground with her two cuties.  i missed her reply text so i guess she thought i wasn't going to end up going so we missed their company but i know there will be plenty other times to play at the mall, which btw is my favorite playground.  it's in the a/c!  in this hell hot summer we are having it's soooo nice to have this option.

oh and...  i had the worst thing happen!  when we got up to leave i shoved everything back in my purse from searching for a quarter for q some gum & we headed through the mall to look around.  we first stopped at payless to check out their clearance shoes & then across the way to the shoe dept & i found the girls 2pr of flip flops for $4!!!  woohoo, so i decide to head to the register before i find anything else in the store to buy.  :)  i get to the register & WHAT!!??!!  my wallet is missing!!!!  OMG, WHERE IS MY WALLET?  i search every aisle we went down & nothing.  i'm panicking!!!  OMG, WHERE IS MY WALLET?!?!?!?  i then grab the girls, hopp was being a slow poke so i grabbed her hand & drug her through payless.  NO WALLET!!!  so i almost run back to the playground & there it was sitting right next to this really nice couple, everything was in there!  nothing missing.  i can't believe it!  what a relief!! we had to have been gone for at least 5 minutes!  i just need a bigger purse, the smaller purse thing is not working.  :)  thank you nice couple! 

so cute!!!

i had to add this one, i love they have their faces smushed together :o)

i thought i could get them to come down together but hopp wasn't listening

so as we started back towards the middle of the mall i noticed we had a new store, well new to me we don't really go farther than the playground when we visit.  it's called earthbound trading, their site is a bit wonky but they have some of the coolest stuff.  i love learning about different cultures & they have some of the coolest african, mexican, turkish & other regions of the earth, cool stuffs.  :)  i so love hookahs, they are so cool, most people associate them with marijuana because of half baked the movie.  they have some in the store & they are so pretty, i just want one to put up as a decoration.  :)  i may see if feray can bring me one from turkey the next time she goes.

well, as we came across Asmat Man, i thought it would be cool to have one in the house.  hopp thought otherwise.  she stopped right in her tracks as soon as she saw him!  i told her it was ok & almost touched him but thought better of it because i had told them from the time we stepped in the store that we don't touch ANYTHING!!!  she almost ran into a shelf because as she was trying to walk as far away from him as possible she couldn't keep her eyes off him!  it was hilarious!  hopp was so cute she put her hands behind her back as she walked through the store.  she isn't even 3 yet & i have trained her pretty well.  :)  what do you think?  asmat man scary or cool looking decor?

asmat man!!!

see i told you they are pretty!

lastly, i have been working on sarah's blanket for her baby, she is having her c-section on the 22nd so i better get busy!  i have a sneak peek for you guys, it's in a new stitch called the moss stitch or seed stitch.  it has been on my list of to-dos for the year.  i just learned it & it was successful so i can 'mark' it off my list.  ;)  oh and if you alternate the colors on individual rows, it makes the hounds tooth look.  i may have to remember that for my friend audra.  :)

sneak peek at the 'pippa' blanket {name is pending ;P}

i hope you all had a great weekend! 


Claudia said...

Insane! No to ASMAT MAN! Blech to hookas, which ARE for smoking Stephanni!

Good for you with the laundry stuff!

Nice stitch or whatever! :)

stephanni :] said...

yes, i know they are intended for smoking but we don't smoke so it would be a decorative piece in the house. :) i saw one on cragilist the other day for $20 but it had been used.