Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sign of the times or just a deadbeat?

i don't know why this struck me as funny but for some reason when i came across this yesterday, as the last of the stuff was being chunked out in the yard, i heard smokey's voice, from Friday, "you got kicked the fuuuck out!".  :)  i have never seen this before, i've always seen it in movies & heard of it but never witnessed it.  i'm guessing it's not a one-partner-kicking-out-the-other-partner kind of thing as it's got couches & stuff in the lawn. 

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Claudia said...

I must live in an alternate reality because I remember commenting on this blog yesterday. I said something about how this was maybe a landlord who removed his tenant's things from the house and change the lock either for lack of payment (which is really nice considering the landlord could sell it all to make up the rent) or for breaking the lease for some other reason.