Friday, July 15, 2011

fof day!!!
it's friday so you know what that means!  it's fof day!!!!  yay!  well, i still haven't finished the pippa blanket only because i knew i couldn't show it off today so i did something quick (or so i thought would be quick) so i would have something for show-and-tell today.  ;)  i started a potholder last night & this one isn't even for me for the wall of potholders, i made it for my wonderful MIL.  really i'm one of the few that loves my MIL. :)  i think the pattern was a little off because i would get to the 3rd round & the count would be off.  i frogged it after the 5th round because it was off & i'm pretty anal about getting it right & it was just a tiny bit wonky.  so i kept the first round & started over.  it was still off.  i think there is just one row missing because it was only off by 2 stitches which are added on the corners.  anywho, i just did an extra row & it all worked out good.  so here is my fof for the day. 

star potholder

i used lily sugar 'n cream stripes in american stripes (it's self-striping, that's way the color changes aren't uniform) that my friend marti 'donated' to me.  :)  my MIL has her living room & her kitchen in the americana themes & it will look great hanging on her wall.  she is one of my biggest fans so i know she will say she loves it!  :)  i think it turned out pretty good.  maybe i will do another for my wall of potholders.  :)

i used the Janelle's Star Dishcloth pattern i found on ravelry, it was the perfect size as a potholder, i just did a 10ch loop on the top of one of the points in a smaller hook.  one day i'm going to learn to blanket stitch & do it on a cabone ring to attach to the top so it looks really nice.  the loops are nice but the ring is really nice & finishes it off well. :)

Happy FOF Day everyone & have a great weekend!!!


pinkundine said...

Very cute :)

stephanni :] said...

thanks :)

Kathleen said...

I've had that pattern in my Ravelery favourites for a while, and yours looks awesome! The self-striping may not be uniform, but it still looks great. :)

stephanni :] said...

thanks kathleen, if you want to make it i need to tell you about the counting error so let me know if you need my notes. :)