Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend of 7/16/11

so on saturday we did our first cash in of our cans, q is saving up for a barbie car but the way things are going i may have to get her to save for something a little less money like the new bella ballerina shoes she wants so bad.  the barbie car is $300-400 & can are not a fast way to get money.  anywho, we went to the aluminum can cash place & she made $2.50!  she was so excited, the guy asked her if they were for her & she said yes so excitedly.  :)  so we got them unloaded & he weighed them & gave us the money.  thank you carissa & christine for saving your cans for us.  i just got some from erika the other day.  so see why i may have to have her change her mind, also she is about to be 6 & the age requirement is to 6, i know she would be ok for a year or two though but it may take that long to get the money saved up.  maybe we can find one on craigslist when we get some more money & paint it or something. 

holding her can loot!  thanks again ladies!

then we didn't really do anything on saturday, nana came & picked up the girls & they spent the night with her & it was just me & jason to catch up on shows & watch our movies.  again, i like my weekends like this, laid back & easy.  :)  oh i did go to an 'adult' party at crystal's house, she even has evidence which i look like a huge whale. 

then it was time to pick up jess, we met them half way but hopp had to go potty so we made a stop at thurber & got out.  there was this little make-shift swingset with these horse swings.  ummm... they reminded me of pony play, you know the adult kinky sex play.  the girls thought they were cute but it was too funny not to pass up so i had to snap a pic.  :]
pony play anyone?!?  :D

then we got home, we ate a late dinner & i sent ALL the girls to bed.  they were so tired that not too soon after pocahontas started that they started dropping off like flies.  q ended up in bed with jess, she has missed her so much & was glad to get to snuggle with her.  jess said q kept her warm, that kid is always cold!  so glad my baby girl is at home!  i truly missed her, not too long before she leaves the house for college, so i really need to enjoy this time with her. 
everyone but hopp watching the movie!  look at her snuggling her baby!  her hand is behind her head too, that means she is about to pass out!  ;)

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Claudia said...

So glad everyone is home. Poor Q; she'll need to hit up a rich relative for the Barbie car.