Wednesday, July 27, 2011

this is funny!

ok, so i have told you about my expo thing where i get to try different products if chosen for the tryology programs, they basically ask you questions & pick from the people that take the survey to try things & then they send you a sample of the product or in the case of my cheese tryology i got coupons for free cheese, it was delish btw!  so i just got an email where i was selected to do the newest tryology...  a clearblue easy pregnancy test.  i don't think i have to take the test but i guess i can find a pregger or thinks-she-is-preggers to take the test for me & then i just send in a video of what i think of the product.  i get points & the more points i get the more things i can get like amazon gift cards & stuff like that.  :)  you can also vlog about any product they are asking about & get extra points.  i haven't done anything other than the cheese thing yet so i don't have many points so i can't really do anything yet with my points.  it's not a big deal it's just my phone,the only video camera i have right now, is not cooperating with me right now.  :(  so this is why i haven't done more videos, well & i don't really like to watch myself on video & i don't have editing capabilities so i have to get it right in one take.  yikes! 

well, if you would like to sign up here is my tryology referral link  i don't think i get points or anything but i think you have to have someone's referral code to be accepted.  i just did a screener to get a new lcd tv!  how awesome would that be to be selected & get a FREEEE TV?!?!?  so anywho, just thought i would share my funny of the day.  :)

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